Thursday, July 20, 2006

Kline And Tales of Dirty Money

First it was Ken Lay and now it's weapons companies that target civilians. They must think John Kline will be a 'good' friend to them just like DeLay:
"John Kline got $10,000 from BAE Systems, the same military outfit that gave to Mike Erlandson. If you remember, we told you about BAE selling arms to evil regimes and providing weapons that are responsible for civilian deaths internationally. Kline also got money from Minnesota's premier moneyed hate group: the Freedom Club. hattip to:American Hot Sausage Co:
And talking about Kline and dirty money...

On Wednesday, the Houston Chronicle reported that Tom DeLay's ARMPAC reached a deal with the FEC to pay $115,000 in fines and shut down.

John Kline did not return the money he accepted from ARMPAC when DeLay was indicted, in part because he made a distinction between ARMPAC and DeLay's TRMPAC --- the Texas-based PAC which is involved in DeLay's indictment for money-laundering. Now that the FEC has fined and shut down ARMPAC, Kline can't really pretend the $30,000 he received is 'clean' any more.

Kline should have come 'clean' with the dirty money he took form DeLay a long time ago.

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