Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Big Oily Kline

There was never any doubt about where Kline stood. Voters in CD2 are figuring out what we knew all long...Kline doesn't represent their interests. Instead John Kline plays partisan politics, that is, when he isn't playing puppet for Bush or front man for major oil companies.

Check out the recent polling...and remember you can't fool all the of people, all of the time. And now we have John's vote for Big Oil's way...

“In case there was ever any question, John Kline proved today that it’s Big Oil’s way or the highway, never mind America’s need for gas price relief or an energy plan for the future. The bill Mr. Kline voted against will bring down gas prices and invest in a clean, renewable energy future. It also will provide America with an American-owned energy policy – something that the Bush-Kline Republicans failed to deliver in all their years in power. But, at least we know where John Kline stands: with Big Oil, not with the American people.” -Steve Sarvi, Kline’s opponent in Minnesota’s Second Congressional District

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v said...

I just received a flyer from the John Kiline party which states in HIGHLIGHTED print:
"John Kline strongly opposed the "stimulus bill" because it would only increase spending and debt without creating job growth".

Yet he voted for Bush's bailout bill. What a liar he is!