Friday, September 26, 2008

Kline Continues To Said NO To Seniors

Representative John Kline(R- MN) has consistently voted NO against programs that would help senior citizens. Basically his lifetime score for voting for programs that would help seniors is 4 percent. His NO votes have allowed seniors to suffer, and big business to thrive on their suffering. A sampling of these votes are:

  • NO... to allowing Seniors to negotiate Drug Prices
  • NO... to Pro-Retiree Budget
  • NO... to Stop Price Gouging
  • NO... to SCHIP/Medicare Advantage
  • NO... to Limit Drug Reimportation
Last year alone senior citizens in poverty jumped to 3.6 million, or 9.7 percent of all seniors. With the declining economy adversely affecting most senior retirements and increasing health care costs, older Americans are more at risk than ever. Yet Rep. John Kline continues to vote against them.
These are American folks just like us. They have worked their whole life, paid taxes, brought homes, raised families and contributed to the community.
Kline has retirement, a pension, and life long health care through the congressional office. Yet Kline won't vote for our seniors to have a smidgen of that same secure in their old age.

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