Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kline's 'Well-Oiled' Record And Magic Talk

Congressman John Kline along with the grand oil party has returned to Washington to do the bidding of his 'Oily Friends'. Not much of a surprise there, after all he has 118,000 reasons to be there while everyone else is on vacation and meeting with their constituents.

“John Kline is in Washington serving Big Oil, and he has 118,000 reasons to be there: $118,000 in contributions,” said Steve Sarvi, Kline’s DFL opponent. “Instead of serving his district, John Kline has served George W. Bush and the corporate interests that fund his campaigns. The only things ‘historic’ about his recent trips to Washington are the lengths he’s gone to to convince voters he’s working for them. In reality, he’s working hard to distract from a record no politician trying to get re-elected this year would want.”

John Kline's disingenuous endeavor: Kline's talking about a 1/5 area mainly on the outer Continental Shelf of which 4/5 is already open but the oil companies have done nothing with it. If the Republicans really wanted to do something productive, they could have voted for a bill that would require oil companies to start using the leases they already have. This is just so much political farce. It's a last ditch effort by Kline and others on behalf of oil companies to gain control of the area in question before Bush and Cheney leave office.

John Kline's magic talk: What's really weird (I'd say funny but really it's sad!) is John Kline and other far-right lawmakers actually believe they’re affecting the market by talking to each other. Yes, Kline and the other fifteen grand oil party members want you to believe that while in control of the government the last 7 years they haven't been able to rein in record profits to oil companies and the gouging record prices of gas at the pumps, but now simply talking about it among themselves during vacation will affect the prices! Too pathetic...

Kline's oil supporting record: Kline votes repeatedly against common-sense legislation to decrease our dependence on foreign oil, address climate change, lower energy costs for consumers and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the process. He's taken in over $118,000 in money from the oil industry. In other words...he's in the pocket of the 'Oil Industry'.

Kline can talk all he wants...but his oily record speaks louder. Things won't fix themselves by magic (don't you wonder about a sitting Congressman who would even attempt to say something so stupid?!). We need real leadership and action. Time to wash off the oily residue that Kline brings to office...

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