Friday, September 26, 2008

Wall Street Payday For Rep. John Kline

There's one thing that continues to worsen our economic's lack of confidence in our leaders. We expected them to look out for our interest, to help preserve our homes and the future of our children but instead find out they were looking out for wall streets interests.

To belay fears and address this lack of confidence even George Bush addressed the nation. Agree or disagree, at least Dubya presented his bailout position. But our congressional representative Mr. Kline has been silent on the bailout. That's because the $780,000 he's received from wall street has brought his silence.

When Representative John Kline should be looking out for us, he's taking care of special wall street interests. Kline has promoted and voted for wall street's agenda calling for deregulation and privatization within their industry. Allow them to make billions while American's pay the cost...Kline even wanted to do the same (privatize) to Social Security!

Now we're expected to foot the bill to bail out wall street while our homes, jobs, and families suffer. Maybe Kline would like to apply $780,000 he's accepted from Wall Street toward that bill.

Like most of what John Kline has done....he has squandered his leadership in exchange for $780,000. Unfortunately we are paying the consequences for his lack of leadership. Isn't it time for a new direction?

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