Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh Look! Kline Has Some Shiny Old Medals

Kline is fighting usual by trying to paint himself as a victim...this time from those bad veterans that look at his voting record rather than his shiny old medals...

When his opponent Steve Sarvi, himself an Iraq War veteran, claims that Kline is getting rock-bottom ratings from -- of all people -- veterans groups...Kline has his staffer whine...'but that's not what he meant!'

And when Kline suggested that the military is paying too much attention to post-traumatic stress syndrome in a congressional hearing, again...Kline's staffer said that's 'not what Kline meant!'

Ah yeah, poor it must hurt his feelings when veterans get tired of his false promises and shiny old medals and actually look at his record. But we's not what Kline meant!

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