Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Kline-All Talk No Substance!

Mr. Kline would like you to know he's tough on border protection and immigration. He even sent out a glossy oversized flyer to constituents to let them know he'll protect their borders with their money (including the cost of the glossy flyers!)... Problem is, the facts don't support his promises.

Suddenly, after years of neglect, Kline and Bu$h are giving speech after speech about the importance of border security – but the question remains: where have they been and what have they done for the past four and a half years?

Typical of what Republicans are now saying about border security is the following statement from Kline:

"I have long called for allowing troops to help secure our borders, and I applaud the president for finally recognizing this need." (Star Tribune, 5/16/2006).

Unfortunately, the Republican rhetoric like Kline's doesn’t match the Republican record of neglect and underfunding.

Under Bu$h & Kline's leadership, from 9/11 through April 2006, only 1,641 new Border Patrol agents had been hired, which is less than a 17 percent increase in four and a half years....

Between 1999 and 2003, worksite [immigration] enforcement operations were scaled back bigtime...a 95 percent decrease! by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, which subsequently was merged into the Homeland Security Department.

In 1999, the United States initiated fines against 417 companies. In 2004, it issued fine notices to three (3)!

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klinefan said...

I find it curious that you would put up a post calling Kline's actions into question on the day after the OIG report was released that proved your hero, Coleen Rowley, to have been a pure fraud.

Here's a quote from yesterday's WSJ political report: "The Justice Department issued a report this week that may put the final coup de grĂ¢ce on Minnesota Democrat Colleen Rowley's congressional hopes.

A lawyer and FBI agent, Ms. Rowley gained national fame after the Sept. 11 because she had sought permission to search Zacarias Moussaoui's laptop before the deadly attacks were carried out. Had FBI headquarters allowed the search, the plot might have been stopped.

Her loud criticisms of FBI headquarters led Time Magazine to name her Woman of the Year in 2002. But now it turns out that Ms. Rowley deserves some of the blame along with Washington bureaucrats. Justice Department Inspector General Glenn A. Fine, in a report two years ago that now has been declassified, concludes that she made a critical mistake by rushing to open an "intelligence" investigation and seeking a warrant under the Foreign Intelligence and Surveillance Act. Ms. Rowley could have sought a criminal warrant but unwisely chose to pursue an espionage warrant "without fully understanding the requirements of FISA and the difficulty of connecting Moussaoui to a recognized foreign power," the report said. Had she been more savvy, it's likely Moussaoui's hard drive would have been searched in time to stop the attacks.

Ms. Rowley has been staking her campaign to unseat Republican Rep. John Kline (a career Marine turned politician) on her credentials to more effectively prosecute the war on terror. She's come out strongly against the Iraq war...

But Ms. Rowley has proved to be an unimpressive political force. She's run an unpolished campaign that resorted to showing Mr. Kline as Col. Klink, a Nazi character from the TV show "Hogan's Heroes," on her Web site. She's had trouble raising money. At the end of the first quarter of this year, she had pulled in only $98,000 while Mr. Kline had raised nearly $200,000 and has some $550,000 on hand. Now her vaunted status as whistleblower may be in jeopardy. Ms. Rowley is rapidly becoming just another antiwar candidate, and not one very adept at the business of politics."

Give it up and go work for Amy Klobuchar, at least she has a shot.

jmjm said...

Three things...first a correction...
(1) The quote in this article was made by Ramstad and mistakenly attributed to Kline. Kline in fact did not made the statement and instead he 'dodged' the question entirely...

(2) This report is also fraught with misconceptions like the rest of the Bu$h administration. However..let's 'assume' you are correct...then whatever Coleen did...was still 100% more than anyone else including those with more information like Bu$hCo. Want to find fault...look no futher than your leaders who continue to made excuses, lie, make up intelligence, coverup and decieve the American public. Coleen has done none of that.

(3) I find it interesting that you insist I 'give it up' as a lost cause. Your time and reply indicates that it's anything but...have a nice day.