Friday, June 30, 2006

Bu$h's Spin-Master John Kline

Beside having an overall voting record that supports Bu$h 94% of the time, Kline is now emulating Mr. Bu$h by mixing half baked logic with 'half truths'. Recently, John ‘Kline’s Corner’ newsletter cited ‘Minnesota’s low unemployment rate’. Unfortunately, Kline left out a few more of the pertinent details such as….
“… jobless rate declined primarily because people gave up trying to find a job, not because people found work. Steve Hine, research director for the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, says 2,500 people found work from April to May. But he says more than 9,000 stopped looking for work altogether during the same time period. He says that group is the bigger factor in last month's declining jobless rate.

"The number of unemployed people can diminish because unemployed people are finding work or because unemployed people are dropping out of the labor force. On the face of it, these numbers look like it's about a 3-to-1 ratio here in terms of labor force dropouts as opposed to those finding work," according to Hine." -MPR

Spin-master Kline also doesn’t mention how many higher paying jobs in Minnesota have now been replaced with lower paying service positions. In Minnesota this chart really says it all:

John Kline and the rest of Bu$h's corrupted GOP leadership keep saying the economy is cruising along despite wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a "housing bubble", massive high energy prices, rising health-care costs, higher gas prices, record high budget and trade deficits, lack of an international policy, and widespread corporate outsourcing. The voters know better.

Kline has betrayed America's middle class and their family values. Ask John Kline to stop ‘spinning’ statistics. Or better yet vote for a change.

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