Monday, June 12, 2006

Kline Needs A 'Reality Based' Travel Agent

John Kline (MN - R) has returned from yet another weekend trip to Iraq. Each time Congressman Kline goes into Iraq he comes back with personal stories on how great everything is going. These trips have gone on now for several years with the same bi-line each time Kline returns: We are making amazing progress and will soon be victorious. But the reality of Iraq is much different.

Last time Kline was visiting two things were happening during his visit that he must have missed or forgotten to report:

  1. Iraqi POWs being abused and tortured under Kline's watch.
  2. Civilians being intentionally targeted and killed by our troops in unprovoked attacks while under Kline's watch.

Makes you wonder what will come out after this trip? How can anything but bad things be expected when...

Iran is yet another chapter in a long shameful history of US interventions in other countries' economical and political affairs. We've deferred to a destructive foreign policy that prefers to gain short-term victories based on intimidation rather than long term successes based on diplomacy. John Kline is one of the main leaders of the Iraq failure that continues to result in more deaths and destruction without achieving any specific goals.

Kline has failed to understand what the rest of us already know: 'freedom, libertyy and democracy' don't come at the end of a gun point. It's the policy of this administration and John Kline that has lead us into a war that can't be won and allows for the abuses ands deaths of civilians.

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