Friday, March 24, 2006

Kline's Voting Record

Do you really want John Kline representing you based on what he votes for and against?

  • For
    Blank Checks for Iraq War
    Staying the Course in Iraq
    Upholds Secret Detentions
    Force Recruiters upon Campuses
    Supress Iraq War Inquiry
    Gives Excessive Military Appropriations that goes to special interests
    Keeping Guantanamo Prisons
    Nukes in Space
    Resolution praising the Iraq war

  • Against
    Requiring Reports on Secret Prisons
    Free Educational Travel to Cuba
    Free Family Travel to Cuba
    Limiting the Patriot Act to Protect Library and Book Sale Records
    Investigating US torture in Iraq and War on Terror
    Allowing competitive bidding on Iraq oil projects

1 comment:

gordonsowner said...

Are you guys still working on this? Kline seems to be a bit ruffled by the DeLay deal, saying that he voted against the 'DeLay Rule.' Do you guys have instances where he voted for shady DeLay things? Does he get to vote officially for the Majority leader on record, or is there some record of his votes on issues of DeLay?