Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Does John Kline (MN-R) Have A GreenThumb?

Apparently not! Beside not voting for families, and children, he also votes against a livable enviroment.

Hat Tip to City Pages' Mike Mosedale
How Green Was My Congressman?
If you live in Minnesota's second Congressional district, represented by first term Republican John Kline, the answer is, "the opposite of green." At least if you believe the environmental advocacy group, the League of Conservation Voters, which last week released its environmental scorecard for every member of the 109th Congress.

The scorecard calculated politicians' environmental credentials based on their votes on 18 issues, ranging from oil drilling in the actic to environmental funding cuts to liability protections for the manufacturers of the gasoline additive MTBE. By the League's reckoning, Kline cast the "anti-environment" vote in all eighteen instances, earning him a score of zero on a zero to 100 scale.
How did the rest of the north star state's delegation fare? By and large, the divisions fell fairly predictably along party lines. Fourth District Representative Betty McCollum, a Democrat, was the only one to score a perfect 100 percent. She was followed by Fifth District Representative Martin Sabo at 89 percent.

Among Republicans, the League gave the highest score (61 percent) to the Third District's Jim Ramstad. That bested one Democrat, Seventh District Rep. Collin Peterson. (A similar scoring methodolgy applied to Senate votes led to scores of 90 percent for Mark Dayton and 35 percent for Norm Coleman).

Steve Sutton, John Kline's chief-of-staff, did not return phone calls requesting comment on his bosses's dubious achievement.

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