Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Top Ten Reasons Why John Kline Won't Debate

Rep. John Kline (R- MN-02) is really quite good at avoiding public debates with his challenger in CD2, DFL endorsed  candidate Shelley Madore.

Kline has refused debates from the League of Women Voters, the Chambers of Commerce and numerous newspapers in the district to arrange debates. It looks like the only time the two will meet face to face is for 25 minutes right before the election on a MPR debate late next month. So one can't help but ask...Why won't Congressman Kline debate his challenger. Naturally I came up with a few reasons:

 10.  Stuck in traffic in CD2 due to crumbling roads
 9.    Kline and his supporters don't like to cloud up their brains with facts.
 8.    His corporate sponsors won't pay for it.
 7.    Considers debates as 'earmarks'.
 6.    Needs more time to enact another tax break for the wealthy
 5.    Schedule for debate thrown off already by too many debate cancellations
 4.    On deadline to finish his self help book, "How I Got Rich as a Congressman Without Working (or debating)!"
 3.    Kline never does public services for the people that elected him to office...ever
 2.    Debate schedule conflicts with tea party

and the number one reason:
1.   Must have something to hide!

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Minnesota Central said...

The ONLY reason that John Kline would not debate is he feared losing.

Well, listeners to today's MPR twenty-five minute discussion between the two candidates found Shelley Madore to be factual, knowledgable, and forceful ... all the while sending a clear message that she had a plan to help the Second District ... while John Kline backpeddled and offered no help for the district.

Shelley Madore passionate appeal as a taxpayer wanting her dollars spent wisely came across loud and clear.