Saturday, October 30, 2010

John Kline Must Stop Wasting Our Money

John Kline has an opion piece in the Star Tribune telling voters that Congress is wasting our money and he's working for us...but hasn't he been in office the whole time that Congress 'is wasting our money'? Maybe he's right, let's stop Congress from wasting money by voting Kline out!

Rep. John Kline(R-MN-02) has failed the Middle Class. No surprise there. Year after year Kline has voted against the average voter, and for corporations. From bank bail outs, to denying senior/military/children's benefits, Kline has destroyed the American Dream.

During this campaign season, Kline has been MIA. Preferring to raise money for candidates out of state and teabaggers, rather than stay at home and talk with average Minnesotans. He won't discuss the issues, won't debate his challenger, won't make himself available to locals to explain his record and how it supports large corporations while taxing us.

Kline blames 'others' for the high deficit, unemployment, underfunding of programs, bank bailouts... but Kline has been in office now for years (almost a decade!). So can it always be 'the other guy'? Where's the accountability? It's time to stop and consider what Kline has done.

We have wars that Kline has been the main cheerleader for and whole heartily supports. They take over 40% of our budget to maintain and most of that money goes overseas away from America and into the hands of war profiteers and foreigners.

We have wall street and bank bailouts that cost millions, and Kline supported by voting YES. We have record unemployment, and Kline voted NO against extending benefits and the creation of jobs.

Kline doesn't accept earmarks, so while all the other Congressional districts in Minnesota receive double or more from his district, and, roads go unrepaired, jobs go unfilled, and business infrastructure doesn't get replaced.

This Tuesday, please vote. Tell John Kline with your vote what you think about his lack of support for your community, family, and Minnesota.

Let John know that you're aware that Congress has wasted your money, and as Kline is part of that problem, it's time to vote for someone else. It's time for a change from John Kline's wasting money ways.

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