Friday, October 22, 2010

John Kline's Friday Fables

'fable'  from the latin 'fabula' (a "story"), derived from 'fari' ("to speak") with the -ula suffix that signifies "little": hence, "little story"...

'All Hat No Cattle'
It's good to see the 'good ole boys' in Texas are still backing John Kline's congressional seat! Open secret shows Kline taking almost ten thousand dollars ($9,600) from Houston, Texas. That comes as no surprise since 30% of the money Kline accepts is from out of state...and much of the rest is from outside his district....Makes one wonder why outsiders are trying to buy his position?

DeKlining to Work for CD2
Shelley Madore, the Democrat running in Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District, points out in an op-ed that federal money is going elsewhere because of GOP Rep. John Kline policy on earmarks. CD2 gets 35 cent back in federal dollars, less than half than any other congressional district in Minnesota and no where near the average federal return.

Still 'Hiding' while seeking Re-election
Congressman John Kline refuses to debate his challenger Shelley Madore..."The image of Marine veteran and self described tough guy Kline desperately running to his car and burning rubber to escape the pesky and persistent Shelley Madore is hilarious!" Unfortunately, hilarious or not, it's not very professional nor does it further the interests of CD2 voters.

Out of Excuses
Kline is notorious for not doing town hall meetings. I'm aware of only two in 8 years. He likes to qualify robo-calling as 'town meetings' but that's like defining catching an ant to big game hunting...the two aren't remotely the same! In a recent letter to Robert Gates, Kline complained that he was 'thwarted, blocked, ignored and stymied by the Department at every turn' Kline knows how CD2 voters have felt since he's taken office!

Failing to Provide for the Future
John Kline's mission is obstruct and delay ... with the thought that a Republican resurgence in November will bring him more power like the Chair of the Labor and Education Committee. While he says one thing, Kline's voting record tells the real story. Kline's future America would provide immense tax cuts to the wealthy, increase taxes on poor and middle class to pay for out-of-controll war spending, privatize or do away with Medicare and Social Security and cut all social spending in education and transportation. A vote for Kline is a vote against families and community.

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Minnesota Central said...

I suspect that most of that Texas money is being funneled by the Bill and Tani Austin family … of Starkey Labs – the hearing aid company. They have been big donors to the Republican Party.

Funny thing is that besides donating directly to Republican candidates, Austin also give to HEARPAC (heh, doesn’t everybody need a PAC ?) … but if you look at who the PAC gave the money to it is mostly Democrats lead by Harry Reid.

The larger concern is that since the Citizens United ruling, more monies will be going to shadow groups. Take Bob Perry of Texas (and Swiftboat fame) who gave over $11 million in 2006 to various campaigns has virtually dropped off the “grid” … yet, it was reported that he has given $7 million this year to American Crossroads plus using Tim Pawlenty as his bagman for various other groups … including monies to Pawlenty’s PAC … which Pawlenty then redistributes to other campaigns.

And of course, watch out for the influence from the Koch brothers … who give directly to Mr. Kline as well as his PAC.