Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rep. John Kline, The Lying Job Killer

Rep. John Kline (R-MN-02) has been in office since 2002...so let's get a reality check on what he's done...er...or not regarding job creation...

"...Like me, Tom [Emmer] believes the private sector - not the federal government - creates jobs."
Really? So if what John Kline says is true,

He has been in office almost a decade serving four years under a two term GOP administration, and the same along with a GOP MN Governor Tim Pawlenty, so then, just where are the jobs?
John Kline had 'pawlenty of time' and resources at his disposal...

Ah that's right, Kline has voted against: green jobs, stimulus jobs, minimum wage, job assistance, earmark jobs, jobs in education and a whole slew of legislation the would have help create, you guessed it... JOBS!

More of the usual from Congressman Kline, he says one thing, but his action, support, resources and vote does another! Which begs the question of which title fits John Kline best:



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Minnesota Central said...

John Kline is basically lazy ... but he does support jobs ... jobs that support military programs.
It is said that the government does not create jobs. If that were true, then how many jobs would be lost if the government did not award contracts to Lockheed Martin ($38.1 billion in FY2009), Boeing Company ($20.1 billion), Northrop Grumman ($17.1 billion), General Dynamics ($16.7 billion) and Raytheon Company ($15.8 billion ) ... and that's just the top five. When Mr. Kline was asked why he supported building more F-22 planes then the Pentagon wanted, he responded "It's a good jobs program" ... well, at least it's a good jobs program for Boeing. BTW, the additional funding was done via an earmark by Rob Bishop (R-UT) -- Mr. Kline does support plenty of earmarks ... but he is too lazy to work with Second District communities ... that would mean determining that some projects would be rejected ... it's easier just to "Say NO" to everyone than to evaluate the worthiness of the projects.

BTW, the DOD budget has added to the deficit $1 trillion dollars over ten years -- NOT including the Iraq and Afghanistan operations -- and nobody has us to increase taxes to pay for them.