Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Targeting John Kline and Tom Emmer

Lots of blogging today regarding Target supporting GOP Tom Emmer's TV ads...but Target has a long history of supporting far right 'don't tread on me' ideologist that support zero government involvement, regulation or oversight into any businesses. It doesn't take a genius to know why...just ask BP, or Goldman Sachs, or the housing market lenders.
I've mentioned in previous blogs about Target funding far right demagogues like John Kline. All businesses want an elected official that believes that government has no business trying to regulate them. .

Now that the Supreme Court allows businesses like Target to spend unlimited funds on political campaigns, do you think they will take care of the community by self regulation, or do you think they will do whats good for their profit margain? I suspect that Target will be giving even more to elected official and candidates like John Kline and Tom Emmer who support self-regulation instead of oversight and safety.

As John Kline says he's "Against taxes and regulations that stifle job growth and destroy small businesses" '  "Against a union-driven push to strip workers of their right to a secret ballot" .

Kline is willing to see living wages turn into lower wages and workers safety turn into business profits...all in support of profit. Just as Emmer wants,  we'll to see waitstaff wages lowered to help business. Yet the end result of that greed will be bank buy outs, environmental disasters, and worsting tax burden.

The real war in America is not a class war. It is People vs Corporations. Now those Corporations have unlimited spending to buy politicians like John Kline with their mantra of Greed, War, Power and Corruption.

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