Monday, July 19, 2010

John Kline's Indefensible Vote NO

By all estimates millions are about to join 14 million other unemployed Americans without extended unemployment benefits. Congress’s failure to renew the program that provides extended benefits to the long-term unemployed has caused more than 2 million unemployed workers to lose their unemployment insurance benefits in the last six weeks. Rep. John Kline's NO vote on extending unemployment during this crucial time to America's families is indefensible.

Rep. John Kline (MN-R)cited, among other things, the deficit as his main reason for voting NO in extending benefits, even though Kline has voted YES repeatedly to extend unemployment benefits during the Bush era! (yes there was a deficit then too). Unfortunately Kline's willingness to give away America's economic future for his far right ideological point is unexcusable.

Unemployment benefits fulfills two important national needs: assisting those most hurt by the recession and, as one of the most efficient mechanisms available for injecting spending into the economy, generating jobs. In essence, Rep. Kline is voting against Americans.

There are at least five unemployed workers for every current job continue to need assistance to weather this economic calamity. Unemployment benefits is a crucial lifeline to those families most hurt by the downturn. But instead of voting to help the economy and provide for 2 million Americans, Kline throws a job fair the serves only a handful of people (at best!). 

It's no surprise that 750 people attended Kline's sponsored job opening,meaning many of those who are unemployed have and will fair.June's unemployment rate was 9.5%, and 45.5% of the unemployed have been seeking work for more than six months. The current economy needs more of a boost than a local job fair made up of business donors to Kline's campaign! There are 4.7 unemployed persons for each job available in America. People are out of work and there aren't enough jobs. But, at best John Kline's job fair will provide less than 3% of the 750 attendees with entry level low paying jobs. That's a far cry from helping our nations 2 million unemployed with extended benefits.

Besides providing a crucial lifeline to those families in need of extended benefits, a YES vote would have injected spending into the economy and generated jobs on a national level.  The reasoning is so simple even John Kline could understand.... "Those who are unemployed are experiencing a major challenge to maintain anything close to their regular standard of living, so any assistance they receive will be spent on necessities, not saved. The spending that results as the unemployed pay their rent, buy groceries, and so on saves and creates jobs throughout the economy."

Kline is using this crisis to further his personal ideology, reward businesses that contribute to his campaign, and further the recession hardships for America rather than take the leadership role he was elected to and make real change in creating jobs.  Kline's current lack of leadership will have very real consequences on our country's economy.  While many lose their jobs, homes, and families, John Kline argues for a across-the-board tax cut (like the one that helped get us into this mess). He spins an argument trying to make a tax cut case but with 50 years of history, we know there is no trickle down. His actions shows a lacks empathy and any real sense of responsibility for others. It's void of true leadership, and simply put, indefensible.

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