Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kline and Bachman = Peas In A Pod

Kline on Bachman
Kline said Michele Bachman (MN-R) has become a national voice for Republicans and has lots of admirers among her congressional colleagues.
“She certainly has a very ardent following,” and “She’s unafraid to speak up,” said Kline
Far right tea party loonies stick together!

Kline/Bachman on Extending Unemployment
In the last couple of weeks, we seen a dizzying array of Republicans like Kline and Bachmann made it their official stance that $33 billion to extend unemployment benefits must be fully paid for, but financing a $678 billion extension of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy with deficit spending is just fine with them.

 “I think we need to be paying for all the spending that’s going on,” said Rep. Michele Bachmann. “But when people can keep more of their own money that shouldn’t be considered a cost.”

Ah, I get it, I can pay more in taxes so the wealthy can keep more of their money!  That old failed trickle down economics.

Kline/Bachmann Working Together
Reps. Michele Bachmann and John Kline were among a group of Republican members of Congress who signed on to a lawsuit that would force the District of Columbia to put gay marriage to a vote. The lawsuit was dismissed but look for them to team up again to take rights away from the GLBT community.  Congress has the ultimate authority over law-making in the District.

Both hold very similar views that would outlaw gay rights, unions, and women rights. When they use the freedom (and they do that a lot when speaking... they don't mean your freedom!)

Kline/Bachmann on Big Business Hand Bail Outs
Both John Kline and Michele Bachmann support big businesses, corporate America, and not taxing the wealthy. Both Kline and Bachmann voted  for the bank bail out. Hard to believe when they taut fiscal responsibility while siding with bankers (that would be bailed-out bankers) and voted against reforming Wall Street.

Both believe that the free market should be just that...totally free of regulations, government oversight and legislation. No wonder larger corporations and banks represent their donor base.

Kline and Bachmann...peas in a pod

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