Monday, July 26, 2010

Kline's Party of NO!

John Kline has consistently voted against any legislation proposed by the Democrats. According to The Washington Post, Republicans have embraced being the 'Party of No' strategy for re-election hoping to once again control the legislative branch. Instead of working for solutions, the GOP just vote 'NO'...which doesn't resolve, improve or change anything.
"And the barrage of "no" votes from the GOP has not abated. Republicans are nearly unanimous against nearly every legislative initiative brought up by Democrats."

Every 'NO' vote that Kline makes, he frames by saying he objects because it would increase the deficit (although he backs the continued massive funding of our Middle East wars which is now topping around 43% of our total US budget!).  Kline even voted against financial regulatory system reform (although he did vote yes to the massive bank bailout!). John Kline could be the poster child for 'NO' since he opposes any legislation or policy involving social, economic or political progress.

Polling suggest that Kline can continue to oppose all Democratic initiatives by just saying it would increase the deficit and grow government. Unfortunately for Republicant's like Kline, NO  and business as usual aren't solutions. Kline's choosing obstruction over progress, recovery and reinvestment, leaves Americans in worsting economic conditions and calls into question his lack of leadership.

Re-election by 'NO' doesn't represent good leadership nor does it represent vision and solutions.

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