Friday, October 02, 2009

Kline Seeks Incentives for Underperforming Teachers

Rep. John Kline(MN-CD2) believes that teachers aren't doing thier jobs well. So he introduced a bill that would establish a Teacher Incentive Fund. The bill, which Kline introduced Wednesday with Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., would provide seed money for states and schools to reward teachers for improving student academic achievement, according to a statement released by the House Education and Labor Committee. His bill is grounded in the faulty reasoning that teachers are underperforming now and therefore will do better if they have an incentive.

Most teachers would like and are entitled to more pay for the important responsiblity of education our children. In Minnesota on average teachers make $45,000 a year, so obiviously they didn't get into teaching for the pay! But Kline's Bill implies that more money would make teachers better performers which would mean they aren't performing now!

Most of us have had teachers that made a real difference in our lives. They encouraged us to learn, provided us with knowledge, resources, inspiration, and a life long love of education. But under Kline's Bill how would this be measured and quanified? Besides insulting teachers, with this bill Kline wants to introduce another "Leave no child behind' bill that is problematic because incentives can't effectively be measured.

It's more of the same we've come to expect from Kline...lack of vision but plawenty of grandstanding...

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Minnesota Central said...

Well, well, well … Representative Kline has finally offered a piece of legislation … they are rare. I expected something that would require full funding of special education that Kline has promised ... or some changing allowing states greater control of testing under NCLB ... but this ?

But have you read the bill ? Why is Representative Kline offering a bill that gives greater authority to the federal government while creating an unfunded program that states would be stuck with the bill if the program ends ?
I don’t know the answer, but I do know if a Democrat offered the same plan, Representative Kline would be the first to condemn it.

IF Representative Kline really wanted to enact legislation, then where are the co-sponsors ? Where is the companion bill in the Senate? 96 members (82 Representatives and 14 Senators) have worked as educators, as a teacher, professor, and/or school administrator ... and when he offered the bill there was only one co-sponsor .... Tom Price ...a Republican from Georgia who is the medical doctor that joined Representative Bachmann on a panel on health care reform at the Values Voter Summit.

This bill does not have any chance of going anywhere ... but if it did get through committee as written, I would bet that plenty of Conservative would vote against it. This bill would have made sense if the Secretary of Education was a member of a Republican Administration, but no way would they want Obama's Secretary to dole out the funds.