Thursday, October 01, 2009

Kline's Sickness

Rep John Kline's health care report is getting a second opinion being by the Alliance for A Better Minnesota where they show Kline:
  • Votes against health care for children
  • Opposes the public option
  • And has taken big bucks from the health industry to be their lackey.

What they forget to mention is Kline receives really great health care...provided by the government-tax payers. In addition, up to 75% of his premiums are subsided while ours keep going up....

What's not to understand, Kline receives better health care provided by the government, and Kline doesn't want the rest of us to have what he has!.....did I mention that Kline receives lots of money from his friends the pirates private health care industry?

"John Kline has spent his years in Congress blocking any reform to our broken insurance system. It is clear that he'd rather keep up this sick scam than advance any real agenda. Share this information with your friends today and fight back against this sick scam, the time for real health insurance reform is now. "

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