Tuesday, October 13, 2009

John Kline's Fabrications

Congressman John Kline, like many other GOP fear mongers, likes to promote fear and distrust of government among his constituents. Just like the GOP talking heads Russ Limbaugh and Chris Baker, Rep. Kline is willing to ‘spin the truth’ and yes…dare I say, lie, in promoting fear if it will get people to support or oppose legislation.

During last month's staged public forum where all the powerpoint slides were queued up by his staff in order of the ‘random’ questioned asked, Kline on several occasions told the audience they should be ‘afraid of the Democrat Health Care Reform’ and incited them to be ‘afraid’ of the out of control government. Although in defense of Kline, this is a new stance for him. John Kline was AWOL on the issue of out of control government the whole eight years prior during the Bush Administration in which Kline supported Bush 97% of the time!

John Kline's latest ‘spin’ is fabricated to crush the hate crime legislation. Kline charges that even to speak about being opposed to a sexual preference at church would make it a crime under the new bill. But unless Kline is totally ignorant of the law (always a possibility), then he knows as well as everyone else that his claim is totally false. Brian Moulton, chief legislative counsel for the Human Rights Coalition, said this language makes "exceedingly clear" that the kind of thing talked about by Kline, Pence and others is "just not possible under this legislation."

So why would Kline be oppose to this legislation? Partisan Politics? Always a possibility with Kline as he always puts politics before people! Or perhaps he's a racist? Certainly his staffer who yelled ethnic slurs is a racist and still on Kline's staff!

During the Bush year, we’ve all learn to take the oppose of what was said to us as the truth (Operation Enduring Freedom, Blue Skies Initative)…now we need to do the same under Kline's rule…Read about the details here at PolitiFact.com

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