Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kline Failes to 'Hold The Line'

Why is Congressman Kline ‘holding the line’ only when it comes to helping Minnesotans rebuild a bridge but not for the 67 other port laden appropriation bills that he voted for? Can anyone tell me, anyone at all why this would be in any way shape or form construed as 'holding the line' verses...hmm...the petty partisan bullcrap that we're all sick of?

It appears that Kline has the backbone to stand up to Minnesotans but not the oil corporations, special interests, and lobbyists. And yes... there is runaway government spending but Congressman John Kline was a team leader of that runaway spending... with spending increases totally billions for each year John Kline has been in congress! Pot meet the kettle!

‘Hold the line’, yeah do that Kline… but not for the first time with the I35 Bridge. This Democratic congress bill had half as much pork as the Republican bill from the year before and included funding for the I35 bridge! Come on Congressman Kline, this isn’t about holding the line on spending. This is about your being engaged with petty partisan bickering that threatens to undermine rebuilding our bridge. It’s about using a tragic event for political grandstanding and not to bring everyone together. And lastly, it’s about your inability to get things done or show leadership for Minnesotans in times of need.

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