Saturday, November 03, 2007

Score: Steve Sarvi 14- John Kline-1

Hey, here's a great new idea for our Congressman -- go out and talk to the people on a regular basis. Instead of surprising us with a phone call for a tightly controlled "tele-town hall meeting", set up an appointment (lots of them) to meet us face-to-face where so we can discuss the issues.

What? Your Representative does this all the time? You must not live in Rep. John Kline's district. It took a petition from nearly 700 constituents to force him to hold his only face-to-face town hall meeting with constituents this year. His website promised more meetings like this. That was this Spring. The frost is on the pumpkin and we're still waiting for the next one.

We like that Steve Sarvi isn't waiting to be elected to start listening to constituents. He's launching a district wide listening tour with 14 stops in 7 days. We're glad Sarvi is making the time to do this while still holding down a full-time job.

We can only hope Rep. Kline will take some time out from his full time job --meeting with lobbyists for the large drug companies and the defense contractors -- to actually meet with the people he's supposed to represent!

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Anonymous said...

Remember that John Kline is a transplanted Texan - moved to Minnesota to take a seat in a traditionally conservative district.

Steve Sarvi is a real Minnesotan, a real veteran and a real patriot.

Do everything you can to support Steve Sarvi.