Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Congressman Kline Speaking Out Of Both Ends

Yesterday the ‘liberal’ Star Tribune had an article on their front page entitled ‘’Kline says no dice to pork-barrel spending’. Here’s their link on-line. With this bold and inaccurate headline on their front page, it appears obvious to most that reporter Kevin Diaz just writes what the Kline camp feeds him and the Star blindly posts it.

Unlike the one printed, an accurate and believable headlines would have been:

“Kline says no to serving constituents”
“Kline plays partisan politics instead of representing the voters”

Just like a man finding ‘religion’ before he’s due to be sentenced by a judge, not only is John Kline’s recent no vote on bills due to ‘pork’ highly suspect, it pathetically partisan in nature. Congressman Kline didn’t seem to have trouble signing for funding the Iraq war bill with all it’s pork or for that matter the ‘bridge to nowhere’ or tax breaks for the big oil companies!

However, when funding is available to help Minnesotans rebuild bridges, maintain roads, provide child health care or improve transportation, suddenly Congressman Kline finds religion…er..’pork’…

Give us a break John! Even an under-funded Minnesota school girl knows you’re being totally disingenuous. I call bull on your "I came in, somewhat naively I admit, thinking I was going to compete for my district, like everyone else does," he said. "I've got some very worthwhile projects. Then the realization kept coming back year after year that this is preposterous." You must think we just got off the train from Texas to swallow your recent 'seen the light' like crap?

What is preposterous is that anyone would buy into your faulty logic let alone flauntingly print it on the front page with it's inaccurate headline! Oh and Kevin, next time you ‘write’ a story on Kline, don’t bother to sign your name…we all know who should get the bi-line.

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Prairie Mermaid said...

Junior Members of the Minority Party are generally ineffective, especially when, like Kline, they have a history of not signing on to a bill authored by a member of the opposite party when the Opposition party was formerly the Minority Party. This behavior is usually 'punished' by other members of Congress in with holding funding from the objectionist Congressperson's projects and their district. The Domino Effect is that the Electorate usually punishes the Ineffective Congresperson by 'retiring' them in the next election. The Strib is effectively setting Kline up for Electoral Failure in 2008 by highlighting his ineffectiveness to serve his Electorate.