Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kline Votes Against Funding for Rebuilding I35 Bridge!

Congressman John Kline’s voting against funding for Minnesota’s I35 Bridge shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given his previous votes. Sure Republican Reps. John Kline and Michele Bachmann of Minnesota say they stand against the bill based on the overall funding of transportation and housing projects nationwide. And both Kline and Bachmann said they have signed their names to a separate bill that would provide the $195 million in bridge money. But who are they kidding? Last August, right after the bridge collapsed not only did Congressman John Kline vote to adjourn session right before the bill for funding the bridge rebuild was considered, but he then voted against a resolution to suspend the rules so the emergency aid could be considered.

So the question is, why does John Kline hate Minnesotans so much that he actually goes out of his way to impeded progress and stop the restoring of the I35 bridge?

Kline's voting record shows he doesn’t vote against tax breaks for the wealthy 2 percent and he doesn’t vote against tax subsidy for immensely profitable oil companies. Kline hasn’t vote against funding the costly war with it's add on pork…but Kline does vote against tax breaks for the middle class, health care for children and now funding for Minnesota’s I35 Bridge.

This is just one more example of how Kline votes with Bush and not for Minnesotans. While in August Kline voted against letting the emergency aid bill for Minnesota come to the House floor, I still find it shocking that he votes against a final funding bill. Kline should be pulling together with the rest of Minnesota in restoring bridges and providing for transportation and housing instead of playing more partisan politics. He's an embarrassment to Minnesota.

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