Friday, May 19, 2006

Kline Five Years Of Budget Failures

After cutting services, benefits, education, healthcare and programs for all Americans, Minnesota's Congressman John Kline via the new budget is giving billions in tax breaks to the wealthy elite and handing Americans the largest deficit in history. In the past John Kline has said that such tax breaks helps stimulate the economy because the wealthy will use the money toward businesses with jobs. But this has been proven false over the last five years.

In the last five years, the overall job growth has been a net zero except for defense related jobs. As this EPI study details, subtract out the government-funded jobs in the defense sector, and NO net jobs have been added under Bush's watch. So that means tax cuts have accomplished ZILCH in encouraging private sector job creation. It's all been increased government spending. It’s worth noting that while the private sector is static, many more of those jobs are now on the lower end of the spectrum then before Bush took office.

If the primary objective of the Bush Republicans is to transfer a bigger percentage of tax revenue into the pockets of the weathly favored few, they have succeeded beyond their fondest dreams, thanks to the lock step votes of John Kline.

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