Thursday, May 11, 2006

Kline Caught Red-Handed at Noon Today

mnpACT! has teamed up with to sponsor a Caught Red-Handed Check Delivery to the Office of U.S. Representative John Kline today (Thursday), Noon at Representative Kline's Office, Burnsville Parkway & Nicollet Ave in Burnsville.

Details Below and online, Please register online if you are planning to attend

Caught Red-Handed Check Delivery
John Kline had been caught red-handed! MoveOn members from the Second Congressional District need to let him know that we are not going to stand for this type of corruption that gives us horrible pieces of legislation like the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit.

This Thursday we'll gather outside of Rep. Kline's office in Burnsville for a short statement to the media before ripping up a giant check and delivering it to his office.

Come make your voice heard by joining us for this "Caught Red-Handed Check Delivery."
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Editor said...

MoveOn is a communist sympathizer organization. I suggest you study what they stand for very carefully before you embrace those loons.