Wednesday, May 24, 2006

DeKlining Action At The Gas Pump

Big oil and gas industries have given Rep. Kline $74,955.

Five years ago, Vice President Cheney met with Big Oil lobbyists in a secretive energy task force where the Bush Administration's energy policy was crafted. At the meeting were officials from Shell Oil Co., Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Conoco and BP America Inc. Missing and uninvited from the meeting were environmentalists or representatives without one's hand already in the cookie jar.

From the secret meeting, President Bush unveiled the Administration's new energy plan that Representative John Kline (MN-R) has continued to support and vote with 100 % of the time. Five years later over 96% of the recommendations in the energy plan have been implemented:
  • Oil prices have increasedstaggeringing 240 percent.
  • Crude oil prices have increased by 143%
  • Gasoline prices by 71%
  • Natural gas by 46%
  • ExxonMobil like the other Oil Companies that help craft the policy, has enjoyed profits of $110 billion

Now faced with record windfall profits by oil companies and the economic hardship that it creates for working families, one might assume that Representative John Kline and the White House would take action.

You'd be wrong.

In August 2005, John Kline voted for and President Bush signed into law the most expensive energy legislation in our nation's history. This energy bill adopted most of the May 2001 recommendations of Vice President Dick Cheney's energy task force, which, you may remember, relied solely upon the input of energy company CEOs and their lobbyists to write up a report that's, surprise! concludes that America must provide bigger incentives to oil and gas producers.

And Just how does John Kline respond to your HIGH ENERGY PRICES

  • Rep. Kline voted against cracking down on the oil and gas industries price gouging.
  • Rep. Kline voted for the GOP energy bill that gave billions to oil, gas and nuclear industries. (Billions in tax breaks to oil companies)
  • Rep. Kline voted against taxing windfall profits for Oil Companies

Remember big oil and gas industries have given Rep. Kline $74,955.

Any surprise?

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