Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The DeKline Of Our Seniors

Congressman John Kline (MN -R) has done several mailings, meetings and emailings urging seniors to 'pick their plan' as the Medicare Part D deadline loomed. With the deadline now passed for signing up for a Medicare Part D Insurer (aka: insurance company scams masquerading as Medicare Part D) it appears that many American seniors, confused by the array of competing plans or unaware of the cutoff date, have missed the deadline.

While Kline continues to supports and vote with the Bu$hCo administration to changing a working program into what will eventually work only for the wealthy or big insurance companies, a percentage of our seniors will now pay the price for not opting into the scam by both loss of services and money.

Paul Krugman has a great piece in the NY Times regarding the problems with this 'D' is for Debacle . Or like Amy Klobuchar often says about this deficient program, "they sure did name the program right because 'D' is about the right grade for it!"

I have some observations regarding this scam (and believe me it is a scam when (1) It enriches companies at the expense of our seniors and their health (2) Companies can change their drug coverage and pricing at any time but (3) YOU must stay with them for at least a year before opting out for another scam company. And finally (4) there is nothing to regulate their practices for charging or regarding what drugs they will (or will not) cover.

All in all, any savings now through this scam, will be short term. Look for price gauging and quick profits through cutting coverages and types of drugs offered through plans. Be sure to thank Representative Kline for helping line the pockets of a few powerful insurance companies at the expense of our seniors. Once again, Kline votes profits over people. But what do you expect from someone who takes as much money (almost $20,000 this year so far!) from Pharmaceuticals/Health Products?

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