Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Friendship Of John Kline (R-MN) And Tom Delay

Just to be sure, this is all about criminal activity that includes: corruption, illegal lobbying, illegal campaign finance charges, money-laundering, influence buying, lying and misrepresentation. Delay was elected to office to hold the public trust...but then sold that trust to the highest bidder.

John Kline (R-MN) was a key supporter of indicted ex-house majority leader DeLay. While DeLay was in office, John Kline voted over 96% of the time with DeLay. John Kline in turn accepted more Delay ARMPAC money than any other Minnesota elected official ($40,000+).

Kline will be the first to tell you he was among the first republicans to call for Delay to step down from his leadership position but that is only after voting for Delay to retain his house majority leadership position even if indicted! Republicans got themselves into a bad spot through years of blind loyalty to DeLay and his culture of corruption. Time and time again,Kline has taken DeLay's dirty money and voted Delay's policies thereby accepting the corrupting influence of the DeLay over Minnesotan voters.

There's little doubt these days about the guilt of Tom Delay. Tom's former deputy of staff has pleaded guilty to conspiracy and corruption charges putting Abramoff directly into DeLay's office. With the writing on the wall, Delay has formally announced his retirement from the criminal activity that was run out of his office. Can more criminal charges be far behind?

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