Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Kline Helps Exxon Pump Minnesotans Dry

CNN is reporting that Exxon Mobile made the biggest annual profit on record for a U.S. company, $36.1 billion, which would add up to nearly $99 million a day, or about $1,140 a second.

As Kline's good ol' boys say back home, "That's good work if you can get it. Exxon/Mobile "got it" all right, and so do we every time we pull up to the pump.

Bu$hCo has given every tax break imaginable to oil companies including Exxon who has posted record profits that are 50% greater than the year before. Since Kline has been in office the price of gasoline has doubled while the taxes on Exxon has fallen by half. It's no mere coincidence that Exxonmobil Corporation Political Action Committee (Exxonmobil Pac) has given John Kline $4000.00 so far this year! Next time you pay at the pump...think of Exxon and John Kline.

Read more at Truthsurfer and DFLers.

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