Friday, January 27, 2006

Travel Back In Time With Kline: The Making Of A Flip Flop

11/28/2004 - Minnesota's Congressman Kline stands with Tom Delay...
First and foremost, the House Republican Caucus ethics rule to which you refer was not repealed, it was revised.
Ah, repealed, revised. I see. Thank you, your intentions toward Delay are very clear even if you do seem to mince words!
When the original rule was passed, requiring any member under indictment to step down from a position in party leadership, no one considered the possibility of a rogue district attorney bent on partisan political persecution. Unfortunately, Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle has demonstrated his commitment to doing just that by adding Majority Leader Tom DeLay to the long list of Republican lawmakers he has targeted throughout his career.
Ronnie Earle has been a district attorney for 30 years...In that time he has prosecuted 12 Democrats and 3 Republicans. So a whopping 25% of those he prosecuted were Republican...How much more fair can you get? There is no 'long list', Earl is 'law abiding, hardworking, honest,modern day legal eagle...'

How much more spin and lying can Kline do? Well...
Sadly, it has become necessary to take steps to address the reality of political manipulation of the process and the constitutional right of every American to be considered innocent until proven guilty. Tom DeLay has not, in fact, been indicted. Does he not deserve the same basic rights afforded the rest of us?
To answer Kline, under the law Delay will be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law...But until then he should be removed from the scene of the crime (the GOP lead Congress) and stopped from committing any more....crimes. Geesh Kline, for someone supposedly tough on crime, you seem like a marshmallow...Wonder why?

...come on home to Kline's flip flop land of the here and now.

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