Friday, January 06, 2006

Kline Furious With Murtha

Rep. John Kline, R-MN., who was in the Marines for 25 years, said regarding Murtha, a decorated Vietnam combat veteran who retired as a colonel after 37 years in the US Marine Corps and has become a leading voice in Congress advocating an early withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq:
"I was furious with Murtha,because when that message gets out to our forces, they won't feel love and support. They'll feel betrayal,"
I'm thinking they felt betrayed when they were sent in to a war that had nothing to do with 911, WMD, Bin Laden, or American security and everything to do with record profits for corporations, Bu$h settling old scores, and NeoCons playing generals out of harms way.

Thirteen American soldiers dead this month and it's only the 6th! If Congressman Kline wants to 'love and support' the troops then start by supporting peace as actively as war.

Oh and bring them back home. 'Love and support' is not having to tell one more family thier child has died in the Iraq war.


Cyril Sneer said...

Is your son serving in Iraq right now, putting their life on the line? Did you serve in Vietnam yourself? I doubt it. But, guess what, the man you criticize has a son who is in Iraq right now and is also a man who served in Vietnam.

The fact that you people apply such credence to everything that Murtha says because of his experience, yet belittle the comments of someone whose military experience is overwhelmingly superior to Murtha's (Kline served 25 years active duty compared to Murtha's 3 years) shows a great weakness in your skills of logical reasoning. Get a clue…then get a life.

jmjm said...

I don't believe that 'fighting' or 'being in war' or 'having enlisted' or 'serving' in itself gives you more insight...Being a 'grunt' or 'general' just means you follow orders...doesn't give you any more value than any other American citizen...That said: I'm married to a Vietnam vet, my brother died in Vietnam as did some of my friends and I was raised as a 'military brat' as both my parents served during several wars. All of which does not make me any more 'patriot' or entitles me to additional 'real American' points than the guy/girl next door. My opinions regardless of my experiences should still be based in facts and reality just like everyone else's.

I'm belittling Kline's continued support of a failing policy that was wrong from DAY ONE. Kline is a good soldier. But he's a bad representative for the same reason he's a good soldier. He does not and won't question the Bush Administration's continual amoral behavior. I want a representative with more than just a service record, I want a representative to stand for truth and base their decisions on facts, allowing for the best interest of those they represent. Kline instead makes decisions out of loyality to the Bush administration with an ideology that has stolen, lied, killed and betrayed Americans.

The value I give Murtha is that he speaks the truth and bases it in fact. As to comparing military experience...what's your? Does it make you superior to others? Does it make you more right? I would offer up that seeking and speaking the truth is of more value to Americans than any amount of military service. The reason Kline was furious with Murtha is because Kline feels it more important to support his 'brother in arms' than the truth or the people he represents. And it's for that reason Kline needs to be voted out of office and not because one's military record is superior to anothers!

I have a clue and a life, and a brain to reason with...I suggest you find yours.