Monday, January 09, 2006

And The Truth Will Set You Free.

I would offer up that John Kline(MN-R) is furious with Murtha because instead of standing with Kline in supporting the amoral Bu$h Administration and their Big Corporations profiting from war, Murtha has decided to stand for the TRUTH. Yes they're both 'brothers in arms' and it's for that reason alone that Kline is so angry with Murtha. After all, arent't 'brothers' suppose to stick together regardless of what happens, Right or Wrong?

Kline (the soldier) puts more value on loyalty and following orders (old soldier) than the truth and facts or what's in the best interests of the people he currently represents now. Unfortunately Kline wasn't elected to stay a soldier in the service, he was elected to serve the best interest of CD2 and use facts and reason instead of partisan loyalty to Bu$h's NeoCon ideology that puts profit above people.

Below is an accounting of a Town Meeting that Murtha was at last week (a real town meeting not the staged events that Bu$h and Kline have held!). It shows a public embracing those that dare speak the truth:
From DC: Hundreds showed up to cheer for Representative Murtha at our Town Meeting on Thursday night. The hall filled fifteen minutes before he was scheduled to appear, an overflow room was set up with a monitor where four hundred more people applauded him, and over five hundred people were turned away. Whenever our country has been attacked volunteers overwhelm recruiting offices. Abuses of our military personnel in the Iraq war has sucked a lot of the patriotism out of young people.

With only one exception the young military men who questioned Representative Murtha Thursday night all wanted to know when there will be some accountability for the civilian leadership that cooked up the Iraq War and then enriched their pals while depriving our frontline fighters of basic equipment. The one exception was an army sergeant who wanted the world to know that his squad back in Afghanistan was not suffering from low morale.

Unlike presidential audiences, this was a public forum and even the half-dozen demonstators outside were invited to come in and ask Congressman Murtha anything they wanted to know. Apparently their pay arrangement didn't include anything other than shouting slogans into the faces of arriving citizens. They looked fairly frightened when real military men bellowed back.

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