Thursday, January 05, 2006

Inquiring Minds Want To Know?

The house of cards that Jack Abramoff built is beginning to fall down around the ears of his co-conspirator's since he's turned state witness. Of interest is what connections Jack may have had to any Minnesota's Political Leaders. including Congressman John Kline.

ARMPAC (Tom Delay's Americans for a Republican Majority PAC) is the recipient of $10,000 in 2003 from Abramoff. This PAC is the organization which contributed $30,000 to Kline over 2002, 2003, and 2004, and $29,000 to Kennedy. So there does seem to be some connection. Wonder what John Kline has to say? Call him and ask! (DC phone: 202-225-2271 or Burnsville MN phone: 952-808-1213

Here's some questions to ask Mr. Kline:

What and Why did Congressman Kline accept money directly and indirectly from these crooks?

What other Abramoff/Delay/Lay/Cunningham related donations did he get?

What did John Kline trade or do for the money? Did he trade votes? What percent of the time did he vote for legislation that benefited any one of these GOP criminals?

What did Kline's staff do? Did they work with Jack, The Alexander Strategy Group or some of the GOP front entity funded with the dirty money?

Did Kline promote any charity that Abramoff/Delay/Lay/Cunningham supported that now seem to be ways of covering illegal funds?
While you have him on the telephone ask him about the money his buddy Enron CEO Ken Lay (now under indictment!) donated to him in 2000...

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