Thursday, June 14, 2012

How Bad Is John Kline?

John Kline (MN2-R) is so bad... he even faces a GOP challenger!!! Funny thing is...I agree with much of what challenger David Gerson says about Kline...calling John Kline as part of the problem since he's been in office since 2002...was in office during GOP held presidency and yet, still acts like he's not accountable for America's current economic melt down and policy failures...

Press Statement: June 6, 2012 from David Gerson,Primary Challenger to Kline within the GOP party.

While the Democrats and Republicans blame each other for the state of the economy, 46.5 million Americans, comprising 20% of U.S. households, are on food stamps and the average real income is lower than it was in 1998.

Yet Americans know that among this plight there have been significant winners. And that those winners are lining up to donate nearly $1 billion to each party’s presidential campaign in order to maintain their privileges and to keep the benefits flowing.

The bounty for the crony capitalists and their puppet politicians who serve them has been the following:

•During the Bush expansion (2002 to 2007) the top 1% of income earners captured 65% of the income growth.

•During the Great Recession recovery (2009-2010), the top 1% of income earners captured 93% of the income growth.

It is time to hold our complicit incumbent politicians accountable for this legalized plunder for the benefit of the special interests.

John Kline has been in Congress since 2002; and for having provided a loyal rubber stamp for the Republican party establishment he will receive several million dollars in campaign support to continue to play by their rules.

If you are happy with the leadership of the Republican Party over the last 10 years, vote for John Kline as he has voted with them on every substantial issue.

However, our newly transformed Republican Party of Minnesota will no longer tolerate the transgressions of John Kline. Our party stands for the hard-working, productive citizens who comprise our great community. We are a party of the people - for the people and we will not tolerate those who compromise our principles.

And though there are no lobbying groups and massive super-PACs representing the people’s interests, we will stand behind the power of our ideas and the strength of our values to re-energize our base and gain grassroots support.

My campaign’s focus is to help establish the new identity of our Republican party and exorcise the transgressions of those who have misrepresented our ideals.

My team is dedicated to providing a voice for the people and we will make no apologies for disrupting the status quo in representing them.

I am honored to have been asked to take a stand and represent the great people in Minnesota’s Second Congressional District and play a part in this historic transformation.


Minnesota Central said...

It’s tough to argue with the truth.

Since the DFL candidate is unchallenged, David Gerson should receive a lot of support from independent thinking voters who agree with his other comment :
“the current Republican controlled U.S. House of Representatives was and is complicit in enacting reckless fiscal policies which have mortgaged our future, disintegrated the middle class, promoted unnecessary wars and increased the size and power of the federal government.
John Kline has been complicit in causing these problems with his blind devotion to voting with house Republican leadership. John Kline has had his chance to lead but has proven that he is a follower of Washington D.C. interests at the expense of the average person in his district and Minnesota. His voting record is unacceptable especially his vote for T.A.R.P., the Troubled Asset Relief Program, to bail out wealthy bankers from their poor decisions at the expense average citizen. He also voted for multiple failed stimulus bills such as Cash For Clunkers that further indebted this country and promoted certain businesses over the health and welfare of the people. This penchant for crony Capitalism in Washington D.C. is stealing opportunity from the common man. John Kline voted for $2.4 trillion of increases to the debt ceiling. He has voted for measures to cede our personal civil rights to the federal government including measures to limit our free speech, HR 347, and worse - our presumption of innocence by voting to allow the military arrest and indefinite detention of U.S. citizens on U.S. soil without a trial in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012.
My campaign goal is to provide an opportunity for the people in the 2nd Congressional District to hold John Kline accountable for his transgressions through my election to congress”

The August 14th primary is an open election and all registered voters should express their opinion.
There is a choice … the primary is the time to decide who should be on the November ballot … someone who takes orders from Republican Party managers and Corporate interests … or from someone who will listen to the grassroots voices of Minnesota hard-working families.

Hold John Kline Accountable August 14, 2012 said...

Come out and vote for David in the Republican Primary. He is the best chance to take out John Kline.