Thursday, May 31, 2012

While America's Education DeKlines...

While Second Congressional Rep. John Kline (MN-R) is Chairman of the US House Education and Workforce Committee....
  • Federal and state support for colleges have crumbled to a new 25 year low, down 24% since 2004.
  • College tuition in the last 4 years has risen at triple the rate of general consumer spending. In 1991, tuition made up 26 percent of state educational revenues. It now make up 36 percent.
  • 94 percent of students who earn a bachelor’s degree borrow to pay for higher education — up from just 45 percent in 1993
  • School costs have skyrocketed....the average undergraduate student loan debt is nearing $20,000. Add an additional $30,000 for those who go on to graduate school. Law and medical students report an average accumulated debt from all years (undergraduate and graduate study) of $91,700!
And while Kline supports privatization of schools and a tax payer voucher system...
  • Private schools pay higher faculty salaries than public universities.
  • Private schools don't have the same accountability as private schools...many do not have to follow the same regulations and bureaucratic processes that govern (and sometimes hinder) public schools.
  • Private schools can 'cherry pick' eliminating those students that cost more with learning or physical disabilities.
  • 80% of all private schools are affiliated with a religion. Should the government support educational systems designed to further specific religious goals? Often these views are not only rather narrow, but gloss over or avoid any ideas that do not conform to their specific views.
  • One year at a private colleges if spiraling costs in higher education continue, is estimated to reach $100,000!
Even with a college degree, many graduates are not finding jobs (Where's the jobs Kline?). According to a Rutgers University poll of 571 graduates from 2006 to 2010, just over half had full-time jobs and about half of those jobs were low-paying jobs that didn't require bachelor's degrees.

Unfortunately, many of the cash-strapped colleges today have goals to retain students and thereby keep tuition money coming in...Many  of these colleges -- primarily private unaccredited religious colleges -- that provide little in the way of a true university education.

Rep Kline has had YEARS to draft and present legislative reforms to No Child Left Behind, but instead has allowed our public education to flounder while taking big donations from private for profit schools.  Among the top two PACs giving to Rep. John Kline campaign in 2011 is DeVry Inc and Rasmussen Inc, both 'for-profit' education organizations, for a total to date of 28,169. And the top industry contributing to John Kline in 2011 is education for a whopping $154,774!

Kline is bilking taxpayers enjoying his cushy career in government...
and sigh...America's education contines deKlines...

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