Wednesday, July 11, 2012

John Kline, All Hat, No Cattle

 The House, (aka Congressman John Kline - MN-R)...will be voting (again)  to repeal the entire 2010 health care law later today. The vote is seen as symbolic (as are the other 31 votes American lawmakers have made in the last 2 years).

There will be no surprise as to how our own Minnesota groundhog day representative Kline will vote NO no NO...sigh...

Perhaps I wouldn't be so angry with Kline if he was on record voting and voting and voting again and again....against his own government provided and subsidized Cadillac health care program instead of ours!

Wouldn't it be nice to see Mr. Kline sponsoring bills and voting to create jobs instead of making silly symbolic gestures over and over and over....? While America burns Kline fiddles on..Kline has lived and graduated from school in Texas, so he would know this Texas phase that fits him so well...All Hat, no Cattle.

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