Friday, August 06, 2010

Oh Look! Another Gimmick From MN Rep. John Kline

In the typical 'oh look a bright shiny object' mentality, Rep. John Kline hopes to distract voters from his dismal record by offering up a new stunt . Most of us are aware of the lack of leadership coming from Rep. John Kline's office but his latest 'gimmick' is so disingenuous it's an embarrassment. Kline wants to empower you to make selections of programs to cut within our government, but not all programs are offered up for cutting and of course there will be no cuts! It's another klimmick (kline+gimmick) being offered to voters to keep them occupied while Kline spends us into deficit hell with his ever growing massive defence budget.

First, Kline wants us to cut only programs his far right ideology finds acceptable. While the biggest expenditure in our government right now is the out of control massive spending on war, it doesn't even appear on his list of 'to be cut'. The areas he wants you to cut (better know as 'bright shiny objects!) don't amount to more thank pennies compared to our war campaigns in Afghanistan and Iran.

Secondly, in the typical 'oh look a bright shiny object' mentality , Kline hopes to distract voters from his dismal voting record and lack of true leadership. Kline talks about massive failure of the government to cut wasteful spending but isn't he responsible for that problem? Rep. Kline has been in office now for four terms! Surely long enough to have made a difference. Only difference Kline has made is to increase our spending on a massive military budget overseas while cutting programs here at home.

Kline website touts:
Additional details about the four programs are included on the YouCut page on Kline’s website. While there, participants can also submit their own recommendations for cuts. Kline will continue to collect votes and suggestions until Sept. 9.
My recommendation is we cut Kline off the government dole by voting him out of office. At the very least we stop his klimmicks at voters expense!

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