Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kline is Dr. NO!

Rep. John Kline (R-MN02) has a record of voting NO against legislation that would help Minnesotans. Senate District 35 has done a poster with everything John Kline has voted against in the last year. His vote record makes it obvious that Kline is an obstructionist partisan naysayer that votes against the best interest of his district in an attempt to make the government (both local and federal) fail rather than see success with a Democratic majority in the house.  Kline has become a Pavlovian Republican who opposes anything the Democrats propose without regard to value, community need, or merit. The only exception is Kline's support of legislation for his top donor lobbyists like the war profiteers or weapons manufacturing.

Americans have the same basic goals of wanting the future to be better for their children. They are turned off by Kline's political obstruction, his far right ideology of dubious facts and continued partisan voting. John Kline, instead of servicing the public interest as he was elected to office to do, is the poster child of the big monies special interests and political right wing ideology. Instead of common-sense consensus, Kline offers more of his extremist record that has led him to NO votes for: job creation, extended benefits, stronger financial regulations, stronger ethic regulations, reduced dependency on foreign oil, a living wage, limits on executive pay, limits on oversees war expenditures.

Download the SD35 version of the poster (minus my Dr. NO artwork!) and post it up around your district. Let the people know just who John Kline (aka Dr. NO) represents (or doesn't) by his voting record of NO!

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Minnesota Central said...

Your readers should visit the MN Political Roundtable for a review of the difference between Shelley Madore and John Kline regarding investment in road infrastructure. Mr. Kline tells Minnesota officials which roads to invest in, but then votes against the funding. Shelley Madore is on her 35 Cent Tour highlighting various projects that Mr. Kline has ignored ... all the while Minnesotans get 35 cents returned for every dollar sent to Washington.