Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Kline's Eight Year $pending $pree Out of Control

Congressman John Kline (R-MN2) repeatedly says the government is overspending especially since the Democrats have taken control of the White House.
"The debt crisis is the greatest national security threat we face," ranking Republican John Kline of Minnesota said. "The cost of this legislation cannot be ignored."
But it's just another partisan speaking point for John Kline to look good while spending voting BILLION$ of our money down the military drain. How do we know? Well for starters, he didn't get religion  his position on spending until he finished voting to run up a record debt under the GOP Bush years. Then his recent House votes also show his inability to separate pigs from pigs spending from spending...for example...

In the past week John voted for $58.8 BILLION of our tax dollars for one of his favorite government charities...war. Then earlier this week Kline voted for another $141.1 BILLION of our tax dollars for construction projects for another of his favorite government charities...more war.

In the same week, Kline voted against $126.3 billion funding for the Department of Transportation and Housing where the money would at least be used locally to fund infrastructure like roads, bridges and transit.

If deficit spending is associated with war, then Kline is all for it...He doesn't care about the cost or the fact that the money is used in no-bid military contracts, voting for unwanted war jets, or simply lost and unaccounted BILLIONS in war money.

There is no limit to the amount of money Kline is willing to allocate to war profiteers like Defence Electronics and Defense Aerospace, that have all donated to his campaign war chest...collectively almost $50,000.00!

Analysts differ on how much of the current US debt stems from government military spending; many groups estimate 50% to 60% but without military spending, there would be no national debt! Our military spending is the largest amount allocated from the US budget...a whopping 43% of our current US spending. All total, the US defence budget now makes up almost the whole world's military budget combined!

As a Congressman, Kline will vote unquestioningly to raise the federal debt on needless military spending while questioning the need for and voting against anything else like funding the Department of Transportation, school lunches for children, and wanting to dismantle Social Security so money can be spent on...more war.

No wonder bridges fall down in Minnesota! Maybe if we make school lunches weapons of mass destruction Kline will vote the puny $8 Billion over ten years for them like military spending...without complaining about the cost...

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Minnesota Central said...

With all Mr. Kline's "Stop the Pork" faux-fiscal responsible attitude, why cannot he find an programs to eliminate in the non-war defense spending request for FY 2011 ... which is at $549 Billion .... surely there must be some waste ? I have pointed out many programs, but Mr. Kline just keeps voting for them.

Besides the spending to support America's DOD, how much military aid has been given to Israel ? According to the Congressional Research Service’s "U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel" written by Jeremy M. Sharp, Specialist in Middle Eastern Affairs, the US had already given Israel at least $2.55 billion in military aid for Fiscal Year 2009.

Oh, and by the way, as of the 2008 elections, Mr. Kline has received $17,500 in contributions from Pro-Israel organizations.