Friday, January 16, 2009

Why does Congressman John Kline Hate Women and Children?

This week John Kline vote against providing needy children with health insurance (S-CHIP). Yet forty mainstream republican joined Democrats in passing the bill (289-139). There are thousands of uninsured children in Dakota County alone. Kline should be watching out for their welfare but, instead Kline decides to vote against providing them healthcare.

John Kline’s voting record AGAINST equal rights for women, not once but twice already this session, and now his vote AGAINST healthcare for children not only marks him as an extremist but blind and uncaring to the needs within his own community. Minnesota has about 82,000 uninsured kids (under 18). The number stands at nearly 10 million nationwide. Children’s health and mental problems need to be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible to avoid future problems and costs to the community. Without coverage, the impact on community services is greater, children are more at risk both medically and socially, and costs increase with delays.

Still Kline prefers to vote AGAINST women and children (our friends, family, and neighbors) and continue to accept money from the health insurance industry: (Insurance $44,700 and Health Products $32,400). The health and welfare of our families are too important to come second to the whims of Kline’s extreme right wing ideology

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