Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kline's Work Record

John Kline has sponsored 15 bills since Jan 7, 2003, of which 10 haven't made it out of committee and 4 were successfully enacted. So in effect Kline has 4 bills to show for since being in office.

As has been pointed out before:

The fact is that in his last term in Congress (2005-6), Kline has collected a compensation over $300,000 and has authored one bill, HR2132, that was signed into law and provides some benefits to military personnel regarding student financial assistance. One bill in two years, for a member of the Majority Party that serves on the House Committee for Armed Services, and the Subcommittee for Military Personnel. Quite impressive work for an elected official that's made four trips to Iraq, and met with hundreds of Minnesota National Guard members and active military. One bill in two years.

Kline must have a dozen people on his congressional staff. Is it their duty to hide, stretch, or distort the truth instead of serving the needs of the constituents of the Second District?

Kline can't fool all the people - all the time...or can he?

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McPherson Hall said...

How dare you imply that John Kline does not "work" ...
Maybe he just can’t make up his mind.
This week, the House in a reaction to Democrat Rep. Jefferson indictment, had two votes on how to evaluate fellow Representatives when criminal charges have been filed. Both votes were overwhelmingly passed … but poor John must have been too confused to decide these critical issues … he voted PRESENT in both votes.
Sad performance by an experienced Congressman. Heck, if he didn’t know what to do, why didn’t he ask Michele Bachmann, Jim Ramstad, Republican Leader John Boehner, or any of more than 170 other Republicans who could make a decision.

HR 429 : Directing the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct to respond to the indictment of, or the filing of charges of criminal conduct in a court of the United States or any State against, any Member of the House of Representatives by empaneling an investigative subcommittee to review the allegations
Roll Call Vote 429
Roll Call Vote 430

If you want to know of one bill that Kline is working on see my Minnesota Central blog entry on Ethanol