Monday, May 14, 2007

John Kline's New Spin In Marketing The War

The number of Iraqi refugees resettled in the United States in April is ONE. The total since the fiscal year started Oct. 1 is 69. At this rate, the State Department will be lucky to match last year’s total of 202. Of those lucky few that have resettle in the United States is interpreter Fadi “Freddie” Fadhil, a young, healthy and educated Iraqi. He resettled and become a citizen thanks to the efforts of his sponsor Lt. Col. Michael Baumann and those that also support the war effort like Congressman John Kline (R- MN).

Since he's been here, Fadi has been paraded around our community venues to sell this war- see here and here. A cynical person might ask how someone who is young and healthy with no ties to relatives in the U.S. is allow to resettle and become a U.S. citizen when so many are denied? The answer is: Fadhil is a tool being used to sell the war.

1 in 8 Iraqis have left their homes, over 2 million Iraqi's are now displaced with most living in acute poverty in counties like Jordan or Syria. As many as 50,000 Iraqis are fleeing their homes each month in a bid to escape the violence that's tearing the country apart. But less than one percent would be welcome in the United States under its current quota system (if they fill the full quota!) You have a better chance of winning at Minnesota state lotto several times over than being allowed in the U.S as an Iraqi.

Which brings us back to a certain young healthy Iraqi who finds himself as a mouthpiece and cheerleader for the failed Iraqi war. If this war was to bring freedom, then why isn't he still in Iraq fighting along side our soldiers for his country? I've heard the argument that it would be dangerous for him, but certainly no less dangerous than for our soldiers? Why is he so special...ah now I see, because he's part of the NeoCon PR....just another spin and lie to come out of this war courtesy of John Kline and his kind.


Anonymous said...


I am not sure who you are but your facts are mistaken. I am not associated with Mr. Kline as part of a NeoCon PR effort. Fadi is not a U.S. citizen. Neither of us are members of any pro-war or anti-war organizations.

For the record, I am of the mind that the invasion of Iraq was a flawed policy and was not one I supported politically. Moreover, I vehemently disagreed with the way the war was run by Rumsfeld and his team of bumbling bafoons. I have written a book soon to be published on that very matter.

Your description that I do support the war is accurate. Given the current condition and reality I must support the war because I am keenly aware of the sacrifices of soldiers and the real slaughter that will occur when we abandon the Iraqis. That may not bother you and I respect your opinion to see that differently, but it bothers me tremendously. Our going in, regardless of the merits has taken us to a new reality. One that cannot be brushed aside.

Fadi is in the USA because of me so you can blame me for his coming here. Perhaps you'd like to know his whole story before you judge his motives. Although, your questions are fair to ask.

Finally, I ask that you write with integrity and avoid the distortions to pander to your position and "sing" to the choir. Although, again, I respect your right to free speech so much so as a soldier I was willing to lay down my life to secure your right to do so. If you want the facts call me, I'd be happy to sit down with you and give you the facts 612-325-5519.


Michael Baumann

Truth & Justice said...

Fadi is not a citizen (Sorry he said he was trying to be a citizen).

You are a NeoCon. But we can leave that up to the readers at

You actively support the war by both actions, website, organization and words...I believe that would make you pro-war.

Staying a losing course is not an option and in no way respects the sacrifices of anyone. As to abandoning Iraqi's, shouldn't their wishes be respected or doesn't the freedom and democracy at the end of a gun offer that? Too many of them have now died by your breathern to be worried about them killing each other. (which I might add is happening anyway). If you truly are committed to them being safe, besides being against a war that threw them into civil war, you should be working on an international solution not the same solution that caused and continued the killings.

Spin it any way you want, you are a war monger and as such you soul is lost.

Chris said...

Dear Blogger,

You should probably do a little more research before branding someone such as Fadi the way you have. Your view on the war is legitimate as we all are entitled to an opinion. There is much to respond to in your rant but I'd like to specifically address the following:

"Which brings us back to a certain young healthy Iraqi who finds himself as a mouthpiece and cheerleader for the failed Iraqi war. If this war was to bring freedom, then why isn't he still in Iraq fighting along side our soldiers for his country?"

First of all to call him a "mouthpiece" and "cheerleader" is far off the mark and quite rude, considering he has served our country and risked his life for an outcome that he never once expected- freedom in the US. This is more than can be said for your blog. In fact, however it would be more appropriate to call yourself a "mouthpiece" and "cheerleader" for speculation on things you have little or no facts on. Fadi is an independent, intelligent person who is in no way shape or form associated with some part of the "NeoCon PR."

Perhaps, next time you speculate on someone you don't know at all, maybe you should first go to a tabloid newspaper or magazine- they would probably be the only people that would want to hear it. But keep blogging away. If there is one thing this country needs more of, it is uninformed bloggers that have nothing better to do than regurgitate and paraphrase news stories that support their own agenda while ignoring fresh sources of information. We are blessed to have someone like Fadi come to this country and give us a one-of-a-kind perspecitve. I guess it is just more convenient for you to file him in your black and white world view that says, "if your information doesn't agree with mine, then you are wrong."

I consider myself a full blown Independent that is willing to take in new information, even if it conflicts with my own at the time. Maybe you should do the same, unless that is, you have many other native Iraqi interpreters telling you a different story about Iraq. A story that you would never have heard had he not come to this country.


Chris said...
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Matt said...

Truth and Justice you sleep at night soundly and safely becuase I have provided you the ability to do so. Remember that.

I find your comments about supporting the war equating to losing your soul as inflamatory and degrading to me and my fellow brothers and sisters in arms. I sincerely invite you to the local VFW to state those exact words and see just what the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines that have defended your freedoms think of it. You think this is all a game and you have every right to say what you want to say... Inflamatory, ungrateful, and uninformed comments like yours are what put my brothers and sisters in arms and I in even more danger while fighting for YOUR freedom. Like Fonda, you give aid and comfort to the enemy in your selfish desire to feel important by running your mouth.

Have you even been to Iraq? If you have, I can only assume, based on your comments, that you never set foot outside the wire and actually saw the countryside and spoke with the Iraqis. If you had, you would know that they desire freedom and liberty as much as we did during the birth of our country. You give them zero credit for being even human in your comments and I bet you think you are a compassionate type. It's disgusting. You do not support the troops, do not ever let me, a veteran, catch you saying that.