Wednesday, May 30, 2007

DeKlining Leadership

Record deficit,
no fully funded early childhood education, childcare,
lacking affordable healthcare and necessary transportation legislation.
Americans are killing and being killed in Iraq,
no rebuilting New Orleans while trying to rebuilt Baghdad
and oh yeah, still MIA is bin Laden...

...Meanwhile, Kline is busy...not solving these problems but imposing religious mandates through the government...

H.R. 2510 is a bill that reacts in outrage to the news that on the new $1 coins, the phrase In God We Trust is on the edge of the coin. Oh, the horror! It’s “hidden,” screams WorldNetDaily. So Rep. John Kline and colleagues of his have started pushing legislation not just to mandate that 'In God We Trust' appears on every U.S. coin, but to additionally mandate that the phrase must appear on the face of every coin!

Not only does Kline need a refresher class on separation of church and state, he's wasting resources and time on coin phraseology, while missing the chance to address and resolve the series of very serious problems facing our nation today! This is NOT leadership.

What's next? Will Kline squander more time trying to put Reagan next to God on the $50 bill? Wonder if like Reagan, he's consult an astrologer? Et tu Brutus Kline?

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