Monday, March 19, 2007

Finally, Kline Agrees To Town Hall Meeting

After six long weeks Congressman Kline finally agrees to a public Town Hall meeting!

This will be Kline's first face-to-face town meeting in several years (at least four!). I guess it would be tacky to point out that Kline's Republican colleague Rep. Jim Ramstad is hold four during the same period of time and it didn't take him six weeks of pleads, prodding and meetings from/with his constituents...Most elected officials actually do want to meet with and hear from their constituents...most... but apparently not John Kline...

Rep. Kline to discuss Iraq escalationTown hall meeting set up after six weeks of negotiations

Contact: Greg or Sue Skog 651-454-3850

Congressman John Kline's office confirmed March 15th that theRepresentative will hold an open town hall meeting with constituentsto discuss, among other issues, the escalation of Iraq hostilities.

The move comes after nearly 700 of Rep. Kline's constituents signed a petition requesting the meeting and after six once-a-week meetings with Kline's staff.

"There are many families in Minnesota's Second Congressional Districtwho have sons, daughters, moms and dads serving in Iraq," said Greg Skog, the spokesman for the group who has been meeting at Rep. Kline's office. "For the sake of those families, I'm pleased that Representative Kline has finally agreed to an open public discussionon the Iraq hostilities."

The Town Hall meeting in the Second Congressional District is at Lakeville South High School 7:00PM - 9:00PM on Tuesday April 3.

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