Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Veterans Offended By John Kline

If Congressman John Kline continues to be against a draft, then shouldn't he be opposed to this?

"Bush plans to increase size of U.S. military Acknowledges troops stretched thin; generals doubt ‘surge’ plan for Iraq"
And since we're on the subject, instead of renaming Post Offices or putting new faces on $50 bills, could Kline possibly start working on ending the selective service? After all, it'll save tax dollars and what's the purpose if we don't need a draft?

Really Kline can't have it both ways, he's for growing the war, in which case he'll need new sources to fill in the ranks of our already thinned military, or he's for drawing down the troops and getting out now.... no surprise with which option Kline supports.

In a Star Tribune ‘netlet’, John from Coon Rapids fires away at Colonel Kline:
The veterans who fought and won World War II as well as the GIs who fought courageously and well in the Korean War and the Vietnam War may feel rightfully offended at the implication of U.S. Rep. John Kline that they were inferior soldiers because many of them were draftees. Kline, the Second District congressman, wrote that he is opposed to the draft because it would "harm our nations defense by undermining the camaraderie ... of our Armed Forces" (Opinion Exchange, Dec. 7).

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