Thursday, December 21, 2006

Kline Desperate For Iraq Plan

The Bu$hCo administration with John Kline as one of his 'inner cabal' members is desperate to come up with a plan that will allow them to continue to occupy Iraq under the guise of “spreading democracy” that won’t look to the public like “staying the course”. The latest plan consist of sending more American troops into Baghdad to help quell the civil war. But the questions remain: What's the mission? Where's the payback? Where to get the additional 30,000 troops?

What's the mission?
Who knows? This has never been clear even from the start!...pretty words like freedom and democracy have no meaning half way across the globe if the local Iraqis don't fight for themselves. With civil war, we either have to take a side, or stand in the middle and take fire from both sides. That's not a mission, it's suicide. Where are the clearly defined goals?

Where's the payback?
Early on the administration promised that the cost of the war would be reimbursed by the Iraq government. Now we know that's no longer possible. There's been hell to pay, but no money. The massive costs of the Iraq war has basically broken our treasury and any future earnings making the United States economy less stable.

John Kline says the United States should bear the total cost of the Iraq war, suggesting the gesture will show we're serious in our committment to building a secure and stable government. So let's follow Klines reasoning.... we provide the money for troops, rebuilding and arms while the Iraqis continue to....what? Use the arms to shoot at one another and us?!

Where's the additional troops?
As John Kline so eloquently speaks against a draft, he forgets to tell you: there are no more troops! There will be the same troops on extended tours of duties, over laps and extensions of tours, and shortages elsewhere. And at what cost?

Currently the services have new lower aptitude standards to help recruit in the throes of an unpopular war and mounting casualties. Almost 20% of the first-time recruits are accepted under waivers for various medical, moral or criminal problems. Can't get much more basic that putting criminals in the military instead of jail. No wonder there are breakdowns in discipline.
Even former secretary of state Colin Powell on Face the Nation had questions regarding 'the new troops' beign sent to Iraq:

"If somebody proposes that additional troops be sent, if I was still chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, my first question . . . is what mission is it these troops are supposed to accomplish? . . . Is it something that is really accomplishable? . . . Do we have enough troops to accomplish it?"

Colin L. Powell went on to say that the United States is losing what he described as a "civil war" in Iraq. Powell was not persuaded that an increase in U.S. troops there would reverse the situation. But he did called for a new strategy that would turn over responsibility for Iraqi security to the government in Baghdad, with a U.S. drawdown to begin by the middle of next year.

A deluded Kline has continued to back this losing war at the costs of billions for American taxpayers, thousands for American deaths, and countless civilian deaths.

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