Monday, December 11, 2006

Basic Kline Housekeeping

The Kline File...
...File it under: Campaign Déjà Vu
The dreaded pixie dust of Coleen Rowley has come back to haunt Kline in the form of James Baker’s ISG report. I can't wait to see Baker's face when Kline calls his report pixie dust!

...File it under: Your Day is Coming
Kennedy gives John Kline tips on what to do after next election! I can see the coming attraction and movie trailer now: Mark's excellent adventure into retirement I...and the sequel, Mark and John's most excellent adventure into retirement II (coming next election!).

...File it under: Reaching Out with his Big Stick
Glad to see Kline calling GOP delegates out on the floor for desecrating the purple heart. Can’t wait to see them jailed.
Rep. John Kline, R-Minn., said awards such as the Purple Heart “hold a deeper meaning and value for servicemen that far outweighs their monetary worth,” and called the bill a chance to honor the sacrifice of all troops by preserving the military’s legacy.
...File it under: Kline's Shock Treatment:
Over a year ago (November 2005), Republican Congressman John Kline was feeling so optimistic about the Iraq War that he declared that he “would be shocked” if the United States were not ready to withdraw military forces from Iraq within eight to ten months.

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